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Space Weather European Network

A service to monitor the effects of ionospheric
scintillations on GPS/GLONASS signals

The objective of this project is a worldwide and near real time observation of the ionospheric scintillations via their suspected corrupting effects on the permanent GPS/GLONASS ground station networks. Strong irregularities of the electron concentration in the ionosphere, the 50-1000 km altitude layer may cause signal power attenuation, noise augmentation on the phase and finally navigation errors. The Service applications are on the fields of GPS activities, HF Telecommunications and Science.



Worst case


Kells (Ireland) from G. Moloney. Copyright I.A.S. 
New: October 2003 storm (animated GIF, 8Mb)
September 2005 storm (animated GIF, 6Mb)
Mid-January 2005 storm (PDF)

Pilot Project for Space Weather applications
The aim of the space weather pilot project is to extend the space weather community in Europe. This will take place through outreach activities, collaboration and the development of key space weather applications based on existing or easily adaptable sources of data. The project began in April 2003 and will last for a period of two years. At the end of the project an assessment will be made of the benefits that can be achieved through the implementation of space weather services by European users and the level of economic benefit future programme elements would bring. As such, the results of this projects will play a crucial role in determining ESA's future policy towards space weather

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