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Fairbanks, Alaska - 1998
Statistics of scintillation occurrence at GPS frequencies

a) University of New Brunswick investigation

27 August 1998 : geomagnetic storm


13 December 1998 : quiet day

AK from CIGO magnetometer, Fairbanks


Ratio of losses of lock on L2 GPS signals
(1 s samples binned into 1 mn intervals, elevation > 15 degrees)

From Stewart, P. and R.B. Langley (1999). "The Statistics of Scintillation Occurrence at GPS Frequencies".
Proceedings of IES99, Ionospheric Effects Symposium, Alexandria, VA, U.S.A., 4-6 May 1999; pp. 122-131.

b) Comparison by application of our SDA prototype service to Fairbanks permanent site
     (30 s samples, same day 0-24h UTC, for all satellite passes)


High frequency (L2-L1) rate of change in meter


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