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Ascension Island - 27 March 2000
Post-sunset disturbances monitoring in the equatorial ionosphere

a) US Air Force Research Laboratory Experiment

Test of three Ionospheric Scintillation Monitors (Novatel, Plessey, Ashtech).
Plot of S4 index parameter (0-2 scale) versus time (20-24h UTC)

From Groves K M, S. Basu, J.M. Quinn, T. R. Pedersen, K. Falinski, A. Brown, R. Silva - A comparison of GPS performance in a scintillation environment at Ascension Island.
Proceedings of ION GPS 2000, Salt Lake City, UT, Sept 2000.

b) Comparison by application of our SDA prototype service to Ascension Island permanent site
     (same day, selection of four satellites passes at different azimuths)


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